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Keep your menu fresh with what customers are craving

Adding trendy apps to your menu entices customers to come back to try something new or enjoy some of their favourites while bringing new customers to your door. McCain® has a variety of on-trend, easy-to-customize products, perfect for your signature menu.

On-trend products
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Consider refreshing your menu with the following trends:
Ethnic Spicy Image

Ethnic/Spicy Flavours

Eating adventurously and experimenting with exotic flavours is an emerging trend that foodies across the country are craving in their dining experience. It’s all about spicing up traditional menu items with bold and exciting new flavours. Adding inventive side sauces like Sriracha ketchup, wasabi aioli, or chipotle mayo are great options to boost the spice level in any dish.

Comfort Food Image

Comfort Food

Using homestyle ingredients with craveable classics can help boost the bottom line and even generate organic social content. To satisfy the customers need to show off only the cheesiest, savoury and decadent plates on their Instagram, you can tap in to organic social promotion tactics by adding these items to your menu.

Vegetables Image


Consumers are paying more attention to vegetables. This spike in appreciation for veggies is also leading restauranteurs to look for new ways of offering inventive vegetable menu options to keep up with growing trend.

McCain has a wide range of easy-to-prepare products made with quality ingredients that can become the cornerstone for a signature dish.

A few products that tap into the vegetable trend and serve as versatile menu options include:

  • Spicy Battered Pickle Fries: try serving with Sriracha or Ranch Dip, or as topping on a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
  • Battered Cauliflower Bites: try tossing them in Buffalo sauce for a savoury veggie alternative to wings at a much lower good cost, or in a spicy Korean gochujang sauce
  • Potato Bites: try rejuvenating the classic nachos with tot-chos, a base of beloved tots that are piled high with diced tomato, cheddar and jalapeños – or offer a choice of toppings leaving the choice in the hands of your customers
Food Beer Pairing Image

Food & Beer pairings

With the growth of the Canadian craft beer industry, consumers are starting to appreciate beer’s capacity to pair exceptionally well with all kinds of dishes.

McCain has a wide selection of options that pair well with beer, like the rich flavours of Maple Bacon Panko-Style Onion Rings that are brought to life with a bright India Pale Ale. The options are endless.

Something that’s really grown into its own are inventive food toppers paired with refreshing beverages, such as Michelada with Cream Cheese Poppers®.

Texture Image


Texture is the latest tool to engage the senses and deliver share-worthy experiences. Try experimenting with different textures to appeal to consumer appetites. Think crunchy versus soft within the same bite or offering a range of apps or sides that combine crunchy bites with soft or chewy bites for a more interactive, even Instagram worthy, experience.

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