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Feed the whole family combo!

Fries are currently the top selling side in the pizza category.

Give your customers what they want with a value priced meal that includes a side of SureCrisp Fries, our range of fries designed to stay crispy until the last bite through takeout or delivery.

No fryer? No problem. These potato products will also bake perfectly in your impingement oven.
Would you like some leftovers?

Customers spend 12% more and have a higher satisfaction rate when appetizers and sides are included in their meal bundle.

Drive traffic and increase cheque size by offering larger pizza combos – enough to cover lunch for the next day! Our Potato Wedges make the perfect side for multi-day munching.
Last minute add-ons?

When traffic is down, finding new ways to increase profitability and keep back-of-house operations simple is key.

Entice your customers to add a side of any of these fries or appetizers made for delivery as a way to increase profitability per cheque. An easy way to do this is to add a pop-up offer at the end of your online order cycle.

Reach out to your local McCain rep to understand how you can get started on any one of the promotions above. We’ll get you stocked up with McCain product to help support your business.

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