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Fries Made For Delivery

Customers know a restaurant by their fries—they are a signature food. But fries are one of the most challenging foods to deliver, because they often don’t maintain freshness. Get fries that can last the trip and keep your customers happy.

Keep customers happy with SureCrisp fries, our range of fries that are made to stay crispy throughout takeout and delivery.
Stock up on Fresh Style Fries

Fresh fry processes are good for restaurant business: a quality food for customers, and an important job for staff. But with the current shift to delivery, restaurants need to create efficiencies, streamline processes, and keep costs low.

Alternatives to fresh foods, like frozen fries, can help you stay stocked up without compromising quality. Check out our range of McCain Fresh Style Fries to find the right product for your operation.
Comfort Food Made Easy

Social distancing practices are expected to continue through this economic recovery phase, both in back and front of house.

Take comfort in knowing you can still deliver as we adapt to a new reality. Our full line of pre-cut, pre-blanched, and pre-mashed potatoes will keep your prep processes running smoothly and your staff and customers safe.

Reach out to your local McCain rep to understand how you can get started on any one of the promotions above. We’ll get you stocked up with McCain product to help support your business.

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