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Room For Dessert

Customers spend 12% more and have higher satisfaction rates when appetizers and sides are included in orders

Add a McCain Deep n’ Delicious Chocolate Cake as an easy way to complete a meal and give your customers an excuse to celebrate every night!

Source: CREST® YE February 2020

Quick Bites

In a crisis, food takes on a new role:
33% of people are eating comfort food more often.

Give your customers the opportunity to indulge by offering a quick to execute item like Poutine!
Prepare your favourite Potato Base like Potato Bites, Sweet Potato Fries or our SureCrisp Fries.
Add your signature toppings like Butter Chicken, Shwarma or Korean Beef to create a poutine customized to your restaurant.

Source: Datassential COVID-19; report 5: SHELTERED 3.27.20

Order Once, Eat Twice!

Stocking up isn’t just about groceries!
When ordering from a restaurant, almost half of consumers would purchase extra meals for the days to come.

Encourage your customers to order dinner for tonight and tomorrow by offering larger sized servings to last multiple nights. This will reduce their delivery fees and increase your average cheque! As an extra incentive, offer free 1853 Chippers® for any order over an established amount.

Source: DATASSENTIAL; COVID-19 Report 3 Into The Home 3.19.20

Add A Side

Delivery cheque sizes are 36% higher when fried appetizers are included vs. no sides or appetizers.

Add these sides and appetizers made for delivery to increase profitability per cheque.

Source: CREST® YE February 2020

Reach out to your local McCain rep to understand how you can get started on any one of the promotions above. We’ll get you stocked up with McCain product to help support your business.

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