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In these uncertain times, keeping communities safe and fed is our top priority.

We want to serve as a resource of information and reassurance to restaurant owners and operators, as maintaining a strong takeout and delivery service has never been more important. After all, the best way to get through any challenge is to get through it together.

Steps Your Business Can Take Today

  • Communication Tips
    • Inform them of your restaurant’s takeout and delivery options and update them with any changes.
    • Communicate enhanced food safety and sanitation protocols you are using to keep food and people safe. Be sure these precautions are in line with public health officials’ suggestions.
  • Adapting To-Go Services
    • Re-assign waitstaff to handle orders and manage delivery.
    • Provide customers with options for contact-free delivery. Include a comments section for delivery instructions in your online ordering system or ask those calling in how they would like their meals dropped off.
    • Consider offering curb-side pickup options so customers don’t have to go inside the restaurant.
  • Traffic Driving Ideas
    Show support to the community by offering special discounts and offers. For example:
    • 50% off for first responders
    • 20% off pickup orders
    • Donate tip proceeds to help staff impacted by COVID-19
    • Kids Eat Free
    • Free delivery to those who order directly from the restaurant
    • Timed or themed specials (i.e. happy hour, holiday dinner packages, etc.)

How does “Contactless Delivery” work?

Some delivery partners have introduced contactless delivery, which consists of dropping food at a predetermined location or outside the front door of a house. This reduces the risk of transmitting the virus from person to person.

  1. Ask the customer if they want to have a contactless delivery and where they want you to drop off the food (ex. Front or side door).
  2. Notify them when the delivery person is nearby and remind them of the terms of contactless delivery.
  3. The delivery person places the order outside the house or in a safe place chosen by the customer in advance.
  4. The delivery person moves back two metres or waits nearby until the customer collects their order.

Health & Food Safety

Health and food safety are a top priority for all of us, making it important to take extra precautions during this time.

  • 1. Use gloves for food preparation and delivery.
  • 2. Remind your team members to wash their hands for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes.
  • 3. Regularly clean all your equipment, surfaces and utensils, including door handles.
  • 4. Brief your staff daily. Make sure everyone is aware of the latest government actions and follow these guidelines.

To stay up to date on COVID-19 prevention measures issued by the Government of Canada, click here.

Flexibility is not just important for the operations side of your business-your menu will likely also need to adjust in the wake of current physical distancing challenges.

  • Consider offering a limited menu with low touch, quick to prepare, profitable and high turn items that hold up for delivery
  • Make sure your menu is weighted towards indulgent, comfort foods that consumers are seeking more of now
  • Offer sharing family size meals and bundles
French Fries French Fries

Optimize Delivery Packaging to Ensure Food Quality

Here are some tips on how to modify popular to-go containers to ensure the best eating experience for your customers.

Products made to-go

Many guests will be seeking “comfort foods” in their delivery or takeout meals. It’s important to maintain a high standard of quality to help deliver the best experience to keep your customers coming back. Fries that stay crispy and other snacks and sides that hold up on the journey home can make a big difference in guests’ to-go experiences.

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We know that these hard times are going to be a testing period for all of us, and that the foodservice industry will be deeply affected and changed. We’re all in this together and we want to remain a trusted partner that is here to support, especially in difficult times.
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